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Center for the Arts

Abbott Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization formed from the desire to see music thrive in the community. We offer classes at low cost so that students of any age with a range of interests will not be hindered by money while they pursue what they love. We believe in offering excellent, age and interest appropriate instruction so that students can learn at their own pace while making progress toward their goals.

We are dedicated to — Adults and children who want to begin, renew, or continue an interest in music.

People who seek a safe, nurturing environment with concern for the whole person.

Excellent instruction from qualified teachers who seek to instill the joy of making art as well as the skills needed to realize each person’s potential.

We Believe — Music has a strong one-on-one component that is particularly helpful in working with children. This program combines the strength of individualized instruction with the strength of ensemble and community.

Music is very inclusive. In many activities, children tend to be separated from one another based on strengths or weaknesses. Music allows children of all different strengths and interests to work together. Our approach takes this a step further and creates a setting where adults and children are able to learn music side by side in an atmosphere of mutual encouragement. Our inter-generational band provides a wonderful way to connect children with older siblings, parents, and grandparents, as well as connecting families with one another in the common goal of music making.

Musical success is empowering. Research has shown how children move on to other successes in life as a result of their success in music. Musical success is very subjective. For one child, success may mean playing Mozart on the piano, and for another, it may mean playing a punk rock song on the guitar. But for both, it is success and evidence of their ability to accomplish what they set their mind to.