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At Abbott, we care about the church because we believe that Jesus Christ came to rescue and redeem a people for himself and make them into a new community, his church. Abbott Church is part of that church. We are a worshipping community that exists to celebrate, in word and deed, the gospel of Jesus. We believe that the church is the principal means of growing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Children’s Ministries — At Abbott Church, we care deeply about your children and their well being. Your children are always welcome to stay with you during worship and we provide children’s worship bulletins with activities to help children think about the message that day.

We also have Children’s Church, for kids between the ages of 3-7 years old. The children participate in a worship service that follows the pattern of our congregation’s worship service and helps nurture and prepare them for full participation in the life of the church.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) – This year’s VBS will be held on August 1-4 (Monday-Friday) from 6:00pm-8:00pm for children between the ages of 3-13. To register, please click here. This will once again be free and open to all children from Abbott and the community.

Nursery — A well-staffed nursery is available for children (infants through 4 years) during the worship service. On Sunday mornings, the nursery opens at 10:30 AM and remains open through the end of the worship service.

Deacon Ministry — The office of deacon, which is set forth in scripture as spiritual in nature, is a ministry of mercy, witness and service after the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The women and men installed to the deacon board are called to extend mercy, grace and compassion to those in need or distress spiritually, physically, or financially within and beyond our church and neighborhood.

If you are in need of diaconal assistance, you can submit a request here.

Community Groups — Community groups are small groups (10-15 people) designed to foster Christian community. Through regular meetings in members’ homes, people are introduced to the good news of Jesus, equipped to serve him, and then sent out to work for the kingdom of God. Our desire is that community groups will be the place where people at Abbott experience authentic Christian fellowship and care.

In addition to cultivating relational life within the church, community groups should be one of the ways in which our church cultivates a relationship with our neighborhood. Each community group should be actively involved in serving the people of Baltimore in some capacity – volunteering in parks, shelters, soup kitchens, assisted living facilities, and many other places as well. While these projects are meant to serve those living in our city, they also serve to foster relationships within the group. We currently have five Community Groups:

Sundays at 4:30pm North Baltimore Community Group

Tuesdays at 7:30pm Highlandtown Community Group

Thursdays at 11:00am Senior Community Group

Thursdays at 6:30pm Pratt Street Community Group

2nd & 4th Thursdays Women’s Community Group